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Our Members


Within the LSU Ambassadors organization, there are ten committees designated to implement different aspects of service to either the LSU community or the organization itself. Each committee has an appointed Chair, who serves on the Executive Council, and one or more Associate Chairs, who apply for their positions and are selected by the Chair of that committee. 

In addition to the ten committees, two members are elected by the general membership to be a liaison between the LSU Ambassadors Council and the General Membership of the organization. These are At-Large Council Members, and they serve to represent the best interest of the General Members and to voice their opinions to the Executive Council. 

Each LSU Ambassador is assigned to one of seven standing committees. Standing committees meet at least once a semester. All LSU Ambassadors service and involvement is organized and implemented through the committee system.

Furthermore, there are two selective committees. LSU Ambassadors must apply and be selected to serve on these committees. Those selected must perform the tasks required of them in both their standing committee and selective committee. Selective committees meet often throughout the semester depending on the committee’s duties and purpose.



  • Chairs: Scotty Smith and Jackson Munsell

  • The At-Large Members are elected by the General Members to be a liaison between the General Members and the Council, to assist all members in matters pertaining to the Constitution and Bylaws, and to represent the interests of concerned members to the Council. The two At-Large Council Members are responsible for running feedback forums, planning the General Membership Retreat, organizing the PowerPoint presentation for each general meeting, running the make-up meetings, and introducing and explaining changes to the Constitution and or Bylaws.

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Cohesion Committee:

  • Chair: Hannah Barrios

  • Associate Chairs: Taylor Vu and Kennedy Martin

  • The Cohesion Committee is responsible for maintaining the spirit and morale of the organization; planning and implementing social and bonding activities; helping to retain liveliness and spirit within the organization; and facilitating the integration of Associate Ambassadors into the General Membership. Some events they put on each year are the Big Buddy/Little Buddy Program for Associate Ambassadors, the annual crawfish boil after Spring Invitational, Semi-Formal, and Family Day.



Communications Committee:

  • Chair: Bryson Dronet

  • Associate Chairs: Kaylee Valencia and Melissa Kim

  • The Communications Committee is responsible for planning, implementing, and overseeing all publicity and promotion for the organization and informational meetings; maintaining the LSU Ambassador website, social media accounts, events calendar, and Moodle page; gathering information and composing articles for the LSU Ambassador newsletter, the Tiger Talk; taking pictures at all events; and maintaining the Alumni records and implementing Alumni events.


FUN-FIN Committee:

  • Chair: Malory Savoie

  • Associate Chairs: Emmaline Miller and Rashonda Garner

  • The Funding and Financial (Fun-Fin) Committee is responsible for pursuing and arranging funding, sponsorships, and monetary donations for LSU Ambassadors’ activities; planning and implementing promotional programs that promote the LSU Ambassadors or specific University functions; developing a budget; determining the allocation of funds; collecting dues; making budgetary information available to all members; maintaining financial records; maintaining the checking account; and ordering and distributing any LSU Ambassadors apparel.

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Membership Committee: 

  • Chair: Naomi Westbrook

  • Associate Chairs: Dominique Riley and Callie Henry

  • The Membership Committee is a selective committee responsible for the selection of new members; developing and enforcing membership policy, membership criteria, and the criteria for priority registration privileges; maintaining records of points available to and earned by all members; maintaining a database of member contact information; and coordinating all correspondences to members. Some events the Membership Committee organizes each year are the informational meetings in the fall, selections events, and interviews.

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Campus Outreach Committee:

  • Chair: Gabie DeBruler

  • Associate Chairs: Whitney Landry and Emily Wood

  • The purpose of the Campus Outreach Committee is to assist campus departments by providing volunteers for on-campus related activities. The Campus Outreach Committee is also responsible to aid in overseeing, planning, and coordinating events such as Family Weekend, and determining LSU Ambassadors’ assignments during these campus events.

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PERTA Committee:

  • Chair: Kayley Terminie

  • Associate Chairs: Bridgett Miller and Thomas Luke

  • The Performance & Talent (PERTA) Committee is responsible for organizing the planning, creation, and performance of skits, entertainment, and all other creative supplements for all pertinent LSU Ambassadors functions; maintaining an inventory of the skills and talents possessed by LSU Ambassadors, maintaining inventory of office supplies in the LSU Ambassador office as well as keeping it organized and neat; and keeping council members informed of supplies available.

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Recruiting Committee:

  • Chair: Merrill Bouyer

  • Associate Chairs: Terry Hendrick and Ava Polster

  • The Recruiting Committee is responsible for the planning, preparation, implementation, and evaluation of recruiting events. The Recruiting Committee manages the recruiting activities of the LSU Ambassadors and assigns LSU Ambassadors to specific recruiting activities for the University. They are responsible for planning, implementing and evaluating training sessions intended to prepare LSU Ambassadors to be effective representatives of the University community.

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Special Programs Committee: 

  • Chair: Brooke Reedy

  • Associate Chairs: Caroline Vanchiere, Devin Meche, and Taylor Luke

  • The Special Programs Committee is responsible for helping the LSU Ambassadors connect with the LSU and Baton Rouge Communities through service. Some events that the committee helps at each year are: Buddy Walk, Relay for Life, LSU's annual Candlelight Celebration, and LSU's annual Canapooloza. We are continually developing projects and looking for new projects to be involved in and look forward to hearing from anyone who is in need of support.


SROW Committee:

  • Chair: Tarus Tolbert

  • Associate Chair: Grace Schneider

  • The SROW Committee is a selective committee responsible for planning and preparing the LSU Ambassadors for participation in the annual Southern Regional Orientation Workshop (SROW). Ambassadors who attend SROW select and prepare hour-long presentations, represent LSU by performing choreographed songs, skits, and cheers, and leaves the conference with the knowledge to define and enrich the fields of orientation, transition, and retention for the LSU community.

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Training Committee: 

  • Chair: M.E. Creech

  • Associate Chairs: Madison Cancienne and Hayden Leblanc

  • The Training Committee is responsible for the planning, preparation, implementation and evaluation of the training sessions intended to prepare LSU Ambassadors as orientation leaders. The Training Committee is responsible for installing in new members a sense of pride, devotion and spirit for the LSU Ambassadors and the LSU community. The Ambassadors-in-training are officially called Associate Ambassadors. Some events that the Training Committee organizes each year are the Associate Late-Night Retreat, Associate Training Sessions, and the Associate Polo Ceremony.